Saint Charles Fitness Boot Camp Gone Wild On Thanksgiving Day

I usually don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day as I see it as only a tradition but I have learned that finding an excuse to feel good gets us closer to our desires, purpose in life and who we really are.

I have to tell you, when I look back for the last 12 months, the year flew by so fast, we have had ups and downs and we have come a long way. And yes, we are far from perfect, we don’t even strive to be perfect but a constant small improvement every day. So many of our clients are improving not only their bodies but their entire lives elevate to a higher level. And I don’t think one can put a price tag on that. How much does one’s life cost? Without our health and optimally functional body no money can be of any use. As we say: The first wealth is our health.

If there is a one thing that I have learned is to NEVER, NEVER QUIT. Just know exactly what you want and laser focused stay on your path.

Here is a video excerpt of one of our boot camp workout in the morning. It was so amazing, powerful, full of energy and everybody seemed so grateful. It was such an amazing morning. Many of our clients even shared that it was one of their best workouts they ever have had. Check it out below: (Also we shot a video of a very dear client of ours Elizabeth) who shared her body and life transformation story with us since she has been in our fitness program

Watch Elizabeth’s story before and during of her start of our fitness boot camp program. I am truly humbled and simply don’t know how to respond to her words. Her words made my eyes watering a little. She even started crying after the video. It was such an emotional moment. We even talked for an hour after the video shoot. It has been an amazing day.
Hristo Hristov, personal trainer