Meal Plan And Smart Training To Promote Weight Loss And Fast Metabolism During The Holidays

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In the midst of my excitement to send you this post I don’t want to forget one of our very dear clients Jennifer today she lost her 100th pound in our program. She has been absolutely amazing. She is one of those people that quietly getting the job done without talking about it much. I really like that. I am very proud of you Jen. Congratulate her in the comments bellow

Here is a sample of some of the meals I eat. They are simple, untouched whole foods that promote blood sugar stabilization for consistent fat burn, balancing the hormones and minimizing the chances of sickness, fatigue and much more.

It is a mixture formula of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants combined with high quality of protein and healthy fats

Turkey slices, egg whites, spinach, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, pumpkin seeds and for desert strawberries and grapes

If you do that during the holidays you are not only NOT going to gain weight but you will lose weight, I guarantee it. Many people play it small by hoping not to gain during the holidays.  How about you “drop fat and feel great” during the holidays? That is what I call thinking big:)

Also in regards of how to promote more weight loss during the holidays we have to involve proper movement and intensity.

What I suggest is do a circuit training instead of a long walk or a jog. We call those circuits Peripheral Heart Action Circuits. It is a a combination of lower body movements consecutively followed by upper body movements. That way your heart will stay up and you will be toning your lower and upper body muscles without much rest

Example: use a pair of dumbbells that can challenge you and do a set of squats followed immediately by set of push ups on the floor, followed immediately by set of lunges, followed by set of bend dumbbell row, followed by a set of side lunge, followed by a set of planks (hold for 30s-60s). Once done, rest for as long as your body needs for your fitness level and do it as many times as it is appropriate for your level.

Squats, Push-Ups, Lunges, Bend Dumbbell Rows, Side Lunges, Planks – Rest. Do 2-4 sets

So no need to be going overboard with the food on this Christmas Eve and Day. It is not about it. Challenge yourself from today to New Years Day to eat only similar foods and you will see dramatic results. Are we game?

Do that and the fat will start to come off faster than you think, your energy will sky rocket and you will feel amazing.

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Merry Christmas

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