Batavia Illinois Female Fitness Enthusiast Previously Afraid Of Weight Training Turns Into A Fitness Super Star

I wanted to post a quick demonstrational workout video with one of my personal training clients Donna. She lives in Batavia, Illinois, not too far from where I have my personal training business (South Elgin).

One of the main reasons I am posting it is for you to see how I work with health and fitness enthusiasts and hopefully you will get inspired to take some action and get the body moving and grooving:)

Another thing you did not know about Donna (I hope she will not read that) is that she was also afraid of weights thinking she will get bulky and build big muscles like me (kidding, I dont have big muscles either if you have seen me) like many other Fox Valley women I have worked with in their health and fitness journey and I can tell you right now she no longer has this false perception about weight training.

She lifts weights 4 times a week, her strength improves on a weekly basis and the weights she lifts with are heavier than ever (which means one thing >INDEPENDENCE<, and as you can see she is very lean and not bulky. So watch the short 1 minute video and take action immediately.

Every day without optimal health and fitness is a day of deterioration/dying.

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